Friday, December 3, 2010

Une Femme Est Une Femme (A Woman Is A Woman) (1961)

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Une Femme Est Une Femme is a French film from 1961 directed by Jean-Luc Goddard. Angela, a stripper who wants to have a baby, is in the center of a love triangle between her boyfriend and his best friend. Anna Karina stars. Sounds like a drama, but it's actually funny. I thought this movie was really, really cute and I now realize that Zooey Deschanel is heavily influenced by 1960's movies like this. Hence, the hair. Anyhow, the costumes are really, really simple in this film. Angela wears one sweater, two skirts, two dresses, two coats, three pairs of tights, two berets, pajamas, a nightgown, and some lingerie. Everything is very simple and classic, and you could totally wear it today. The make-up and hair are also really great in this movie, and a great inspiration to me. As long as you don't mind subtitles, you will probably like this movie a lot. I think I might try to buy it, I liked it so much! Costume design is by Jaqueline Moreau.

A fabulous Holly Golightly-esque hair do (movies actually came out the same year, which in my opinion, was the best year for style EVER).

Angela's dressing room. Check out that gray coat in the background!

Anna strips and sings a song about how gorgeous she is.

How adorable is this dress?!

And how cute is this?

Upon further inspection, these tights have a fantastic diamond pattern.

I love this make-up so, so much.

This is the same red sweater as before, except worn backwards with tartan skirt and black belt.

A better picture of the eye make-up.

Note the camel coat...totally classic! You could wear that today.

No one ever does this with their hair anymore, the bow especially, but it was a pretty hot look in the early 60's.

Always match your beret to your tights.

Je suis une femme! I hope you have enjoyed, I'm going to go put on some more eyeliner now. Bye!


  1. Anna Karina is gorgeous! She's always such an inspiration :)
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  2. backwards sweaters... what a good idea. love the picture of her turned to the side with her hair falling down the side of her face.

  3. Thanks for sharing this film, I really want to see it now. I love all the 60's clothes are bouffant hairstyles.
    Stop by sometime.

  4. that make-up is sick! amazing! so pretty!

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  5. whoa this looks like a must-watch. have come across the screencap once but never got to see it. will dig this flick soon!



  6. wow, i have to watch this! anna karina is so incredibly good looking!