Thursday, April 28, 2011

Valley Girl (1983)

Valley Girl is a 1983 cult classic starring Deborah Foreman and Nicolas Cage. Deborah plays Julie, a total valley girl who likes shopping and has a popular boyfriend...until she meets New Wave guy Randy (Nic Cage) at a party. It's love at first sight, and they lead some sort of Romeo and Juliet existence where apparently Valley people and Hollywood people just can't mix. However, it ends up a whole lot better for them in the end. This movie is a prime example of early 80's preppy fashion. There's pastels and popped colors everywhere. Also, this movie has a great New Wave soundtrack. Plus, there's all kinds of great Valley speak in it. I totally recommend it!

Oh look, a girl going apeshit over red shoes! What did I tell you?
Check out this classic mall architecture! They don't make them like that anymore.
Nice Woody Woodpecker pin
Dig the headband?
Look at this guy's popped collar. If this is a Lacoste polo, my boyfriend has the same one. I wonder what that says about him...
Classic early 80's beachwear
I love her bikini!
This is like my dream beach outfit: a red bikini and those wicked awesome sunglasses! Love it!
You can just imagine that that girl is saying "as if!"
Totally broin' out!
I want her hair!
This room literally has a Devo and an ET poster.
New Wave dudes crashing the Valley party
Dig the plastic earrings that match her monochromatic outfit
Is this a semi-popped collar? Also, I never knew that the protocol was to wear it outside of the polo.
As if the star-crossed lovers theme couldn't be any more obvious
Purple and pink? Yes please
My favorite sunglasses again!
How funny is this? A polo and boatshoes lying on the ground. Obviously a preppy guy is having sex!
Barracuda jacket. Why can't we bring those back?
Nice tux! hahahaha
Let's get a full body shot there
Look at this woman: her skirt looks like Mario Kart
New Wave guys crashing the Valley prom. Is there anything they won't crash?
In a close up on this lady, we see that she looks just like 80's Elizabeth Taylor.

I think they're such a cute couple.
I gotta go now, I'm on reserve battery power! Bye!