Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Red Shoes (1948)

The Red Shoes is a British ballet movie made in 1948. The story follows a young ballerina named Victoria Page, whose desire to dance conflicts with her love life. This movie was apparently made before women could be both married and have a career, it is a sort of reminder of why feminism is awesome. Super-ginger Moira Shearer stars. Someone on Netflix called this "the greatest ballet movie of all time", and I probably have to agree, seeing as how the only other ballet movie I've seen is Center Stage...which was totally stupid. There are some really cool dance scenes and pretty ballet constumes. If you enjoy ballet, you'll enjoy this movie. Costume design is by Hein Heckroth.

Victoria, young and wearing a weird little crown, at the ballet, before all the drama beings.

A nice little crowd scene for you.

Check this make-up!

From Swan Lake (I guess).

Victoria awkwardly wears this to a meeting where everyone else is wear shorts and sandals.

Picking out THE red shoes.

I love this look!


Ballet funeral scene, reminds me of that My Chemical Romance video.

Let's put on our scarves and go on a date.

This guy's sunglasses are fierce!

This girl is about to have a major freak out.

Moral of the story: RED SHOES ARE EVIL!

But they're just so damn cute!


  1. Such a niche market to blog about! I love some originality on the blogosphere, glad I found you :) jazzy ♥

  2. Love your new blog! Oh I've been dying to see this, it was on at the Wellington Film Festival this year and my husband got us tickets even though we were only meant to be saving for our honeymoon, not spending at all, and in the end I COULDN'T GO because it was on the one weekend I was working!

  3. Freaky eyeliner :P

  4. "Let's put on our scarves and go on a date."

    hahaha. this blog was a good idea.