Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Swinger (1966)

Well, let me just say straight off the bat that this isn't a very good movie! The story follows an ambitious young journalist named Kelly Olsson, who is told by the girly mag "Girl Allure" executives that her work is too innocent and wholesome for them to publish. So she goes home (which is apparently an artists' commune?) to write a trashy sex novel, which she later passes of as her autobiography. Cases of mistaken identity ensue, and she gets the guy at the end...after he makes her act as a prostitute on a street corner and strip. Yes, it's strange. I'm sure it was very provocative in 1966. Ann-Margret is a doll as usual, but not even her fierceness can save this movie! Oh well, it's still a great little 60's gem if you like really tacky and insane movies (I do). Costume design is by the legendary Edith Head, who I believe has won more Academy Awards than any other woman. Kick ass!

Riddle me this: can you just wear tights as pants?

Every girl needs a green leather riding outfit!

More tights as pants. Is this allowed?

In probably the most famous scene of this movie, Ann-Margret is doused with paint to show how degenerate she is.

Was this a common look for old ladies in the 60's?

Quite inexplicably, about halfway through the movie, there is a very long photo shoot sequence in which Ann-Margret tries on a bunch of clothes and accessories. It's pretty much the best part of the movie.

This is the outfit she wears to seduce her man. I guess this is hot?

After all that shopping, this is what she chooses to wear to work.

I hate it when my top flies away!

Yes, this lady just entered the room holding a stuffed giraffe.

And that's the end! Well, they can't all be winners.