Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Red Shoes (1948)

The Red Shoes is a British ballet movie made in 1948. The story follows a young ballerina named Victoria Page, whose desire to dance conflicts with her love life. This movie was apparently made before women could be both married and have a career, it is a sort of reminder of why feminism is awesome. Super-ginger Moira Shearer stars. Someone on Netflix called this "the greatest ballet movie of all time", and I probably have to agree, seeing as how the only other ballet movie I've seen is Center Stage...which was totally stupid. There are some really cool dance scenes and pretty ballet constumes. If you enjoy ballet, you'll enjoy this movie. Costume design is by Hein Heckroth.

Victoria, young and wearing a weird little crown, at the ballet, before all the drama beings.

A nice little crowd scene for you.

Check this make-up!

From Swan Lake (I guess).

Victoria awkwardly wears this to a meeting where everyone else is wear shorts and sandals.

Picking out THE red shoes.

I love this look!


Ballet funeral scene, reminds me of that My Chemical Romance video.

Let's put on our scarves and go on a date.

This guy's sunglasses are fierce!

This girl is about to have a major freak out.

Moral of the story: RED SHOES ARE EVIL!

But they're just so damn cute!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

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I saw this movie on TV a long, long time ago. I remembered liking it, so when I saw it on Netflix instant queue I was like "Ya, I'll watch that." This movie has a lot going for it. I like to think of it as Back to the Future's sister movie. It was made one year after Back to the Future, and also involves someone from the 1980's going back to high school in the 1950's (well, in this movie's case, 1960, but whatevs). Kathleen Turner and Nicholas Cage star in this movie, with special appearances by Jim Carrey, Sophia Coppola, and the mom from Seventh Heaven. Believe it or not, this movie was actually directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Go figure. Costume design is by Theadora Van Runkle, who was also the costume designer for Bonnie and Clyde. The fashion in this movie falls into one of my favorite categories: 1980's reps another era. Whatever time the movie is set in, I can almost guarantee that everyone will mysteriously have 1980's hair. It's not like you can get rid of a perm just for one movie.

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I find it difficult to believe that a forty-three year old woman would wear silver lamé to a class reunion, but this was 1986, so what do I know?

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Always accessorize silver lamé with white gloves and robot purses. At least she looks hotter than her friend in the back.

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Jim Carrey and the mom from Seventh Heaven snorting coke in the first 5 minutes. That's how you know it's going to be good.

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Peggy Sue's silver lamé turned into a 50's appropriate gray in the flashback.
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Note that everyone at this school is wearing pastel yellow and grays!
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Oh hey, Gaga!

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You can tell this guy is a mysterious loner poet/beatnik because he's wearing black in an all-pastel school.
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Love these outfits oh my god!
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Gaga is back!
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This film has a lot of well-framed shots. Check out a blonde Nick Cage in a yellow sweater.
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A young Sophia Coppola looking a lot like the kid from Dazed and Confused.

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A Nick Cage looking a lot like Rory Storm (of Beatle friend fame).

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I won't give you any more pictures so I don't give away the end. Maybe it's just me, but I felt like there were a lot of plot holes in this movie. It doesn't wrap up all nicely like Back to the Future, but then again, it didn't get to have two more movies either. Here's my rating break-down.

Story: 6/10
Acting: 7/10 (Nick Cage's nasally accent was really strange, but also sort of appropriate. Jim Carrey was not used nearly enough.)
Costumes: 9/10 (Loved the palette and the time-period appropriate costumes. Bonus for sweet 80's costumes.)

Total: 7.3/10

In conclusion, if you're not doing anything, it's a good Netflix Instant view watch, if only for the costumes.

New Blog

Hey yins.

I'm starting a new blog to document my love of fashion in films. This is something I've wanted to write about for a while, but I didn't feel like it fit into the tone of my personal blog. So, hello new blog! I'm just going to sporadically watch movies and television shows, screencap them, and talk about the costumes and set design. Huzzah!